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    Notifications Issue in Workflow


      Hi People,


      I am using jump for Rejection Action inside Criteria Workflow, I used <$wfSet("wfJumpEntryNotifyOff", "1")$> to stop the standard notifications, but still i get both custom and standard notification emails. Here is my code for rejection,


      <$if wfAction like "REJECT"$>

        <$wfSet("wfJumpName", "RejectAction")$>

        <$wfSet("wfJumpEntryNotifyOff", "1")$>

      <$wfMailSubject="Notification - <$dDocTitle$> Report has been REJECTED"$>

      <$wfNotify(dDocAuthor, "user", "WFRTemplate")$>

      <$wfSet("wfJumpTargetStep", wfCurrentStep(-1))$>

      <$wfMailSubject="System Generated -  Please Ignore"$>



      How can I stop the Standard email Notifications, Please help !!!