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    More than 5 rows in the detail table for a Master Detail Portlet

    Bob Wylie

      I have a Master Detail Portlet.   I originally had 5 fields in the detail portlet.  I have added a column to the detail portlet and now the last column is wrapped around in the portlet.  I do not see a way to force it to be on the same line as the rest of the columns for the detail table.


      Do I need to just delete it and re-create the portlet?


      Below is the from the browser when executing the portlet.


      function show_context_help(h) {   newWindow = window.open(h,"Help", "menubar=1,toolbar=1,scrollbars=1,resizable=1,width=700, height=500"); }  
      Master action:
      Line Haul Carrier?

      Detail actionsWarehouseCarrierServiceShip To
      Country Code
      Hold for
      Associate LPN