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    Navigating away form adf task flow causes validation to activated in WebCenter




      We are using WebCenter 11g.  We have created a task flow with a form on the first page.  There are a few fields that are required on the form.  We deployed the taskflow and are running it within WebCenter Portal.  There are three tabs:  "Home", "About Us", and "Ask for Information".  The "Ask for Information" tab the task flow that we are having trouble with.


      Here's what happens.  When we land on the Portal page, the Home page tab is where we land.  Then let's say the user clicks on "Ask for Information" tab, a form shows up.  This is the ADF form.  On the form, we request Name, email, phone etc. The Name and Email fields are required. We have a submit and a reset button on the form page.  Let's assume that the user clicked on this tab, realized they didn't want to provide the information, and wants to click back on the Home tab.  When they click on the Home tab, the form validation on the "Ask for Information" form fires and display an error telling the user that the Name and Email address have not been provided.


      This is very annoying and we would like some suggestions on how to overcome this issue.


      Thank you.