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    A question on different options for data archival and compression


      Hi Experts,


      I have production database of about 5 terabyte size in production and about 50 GB in development/QA. I am on Oracle on Linux. We have RMAN backups configured. I have a question about data archival stretegy.  To keep the OLTP database size optimum, what options can be suggested for data archival?


      1) Should each table have a archival stretegy?

      2) What is the best way to archive data - should it be sent to a seperate archival database?


      In our environment, only for about 15 tables we have the archival stretegy defined. For these tables, we copy their data every night to a seperate schema meant to store this archived data and then transfer it eventualy to a diffent archival database. For all other tables, there is no data archival stretegy.


      What are the different options and best practices about it that can be reviewed to put a practical data archival strategy in place? I will be most thankful for your inputs.


      Also what are the different data compression stregegies? For example we have about 25 tables that are read-only. Should they be compressed using the default oracle 9i basic compression? (alter table compress).