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    Question regarding shared_pool sizes in Oracle 11gR2


      Hi! I administer an Oracle 11gR2 database that runs on IBM hardware, OS AIX 6.1. The LPAR has 44 Gb of available memory and 8 dual-core processors assigned.


      Normally, everything runs fine and we have no problems. Today the database started rejecting connections suddenly. The issue lasted for about 14 minutes and then cleared itself. When checking the alert log, it indicated an out of memory problem with the shared_pool, ORA-4031 error.


      I am utilizing the automatic memory management feature of 11g, and memory_max_target is set to 14 Gb. I am going to increase memory_max_target to 18 Gb as part of my solution, but will that also then increase the size of the shared_pool in the SGA? Is it best to let the database manage the size of the shared_pool, or can (and should) I set it to a minimum size?


      Any help, or links to documentation or MOS notes, is greatly appreciated. Thank you!