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    Java Print API shows different job name on the printer than in the spooling queue



         I am using Java print API (javax.print package) to send a bunch of documents for printing. Below is the code section that I am using to print documents through java program. When the document is sent for printing, I see the Job name is created properly in the print spooling queue on windows machine. But, when i go to the actual printer, the job name is different on the printer than what i saw in spooling. Since I am printing 100s of documents in batch, it gets very difficult to identify which document did not print, in case of issues.

        I also used the java.awt.print package . The java.awt.print.PrinterJob has a method setJobName(String). When i used this package, I got the name appear properly in both places. But I wish to use javax.print with the document name appear on printer queue.




        public void printDocument(File pDoc, PrintService pService, DocFlavor pFlavor)

          throws Exception


          logMessage(true, "Printing Doc::" + pDoc.getAbsolutePath());

          FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream(pDoc);


          // Create the print job

          DocPrintJob job = pService.createPrintJob();


          //Set print request attributes with file name as job name

          PrintRequestAttributeSet aset = new HashPrintRequestAttributeSet();

          aset.add(new JobName(pDoc.getName(), Locale.getDefault()));


          //Create the DocAttributeSet  with document name

          DocAttributeSet dset = new HashDocAttributeSet();

         dset.add(new DocumentName(pDoc.getName(), Locale.getDefault()));


        //Create a Doc object to be printed and add DocAttributeSet to it.

          Doc doc = new SimpleDoc(is, pFlavor, dset);

          job.print(doc, aset);


          logMessage(true, "Done printing Doc::" + pDoc.getAbsolutePath());



      What i see on Windows machine Print queue:

      DocumentName     Status     Owner      Page Size

      502_79_93858.pdf   Printing  imgadmin  1

      502_80_93859.pdf                imgadmin  1


      What I see on the job status in actual printer ( and i tried different printers, all of them have same issue):

      Job ID   Job Name        Job Owner Copies

      RIP598  dfA2431heidi2     lp             1

      RIP599  dfA2431heidi2     lp             1