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    Xml Gateway Outbound process


      Hi Uday,


      Can you tell me the mandatory steps required for Outbound XML Gateway.


      I have adopted the below steps but could not able to achieve it.


      1). Created a DTD file as below


      <!ELEMENT OrderDetails ( Header, ExtraInfo ) >

      <!ELEMENT Header ( POHeaherID, Segment1, VendorID ) >

      <!ELEMENT POHeaherID ( #PCDATA ) >

      <!ELEMENT Segment1 ( #PCDATA ) >

      <!ELEMENT VendorID ( #PCDATA ) >

      <!ELEMENT ExtraInfo ( VendorSiteID, ShipToLocationID, BillToLocationID ) >

      <!ELEMENT VendorSiteID ( #PCDATA ) >

      <!ELEMENT ShipToLocationID ( #PCDATA ) >

      <!ELEMENT BillToLocationID ( #PCDATA ) >


      2). Created .xgm file using Oracle Message Designer with source as Database Table and target as above DTD file. I have done all the necessary level as well as element mapping while creating this .xgm file.


      3).  Loaded the .xgm file and DTD file in the file system using putty.


      4). Created Trading Partner with trading partner type as Supplier.

      Transaction Type = PO

      Transaction Subtype = PRO

      Standard Code = OAG

      External Transaction Type = SOP

      External Transaction Subtype = SOP

      Direction = OUT

      Connection/Hub = Direct

      Protocol Type = SMTP

      Username = Soumit

      Password = soumit

      Protocol Address = soumit.sarkar@*****.com

      Source Trding Partner ocation Code = SS_STPLA


      5). Created a PO and submitted it for approval but didin't get the XML file on my mail-id.


      Please help me to solve this very issue.