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    Applet with FTP




      I am writing a java applet for an client. The applet will reside on the server and when a user will execute it, it will list the connected readers from the computer and will read it's smart card's data when he selects a reader from his choice. So far it is done. Now another portion of the work is that this data should be written on the FTP server in the form of a file. Now problem is applets executes on the client side and I have to have provide some mechanism by which i could write files on the FTP server. I am using the following code for this:


      URL url = new URL("ftp://xyx.it:password@111.22.333.444/httpdocs/abc_direc/test.txt1;type=i");
      URLConnection urlconnection = url.openConnection();
      OutputStream outputstreamObj = urlconnection.getOutputStream(); 
      String datatoWrite= "Texting strings to write";



      Code the working fine but as you can see i have to provide FTP credentials into the code. Now my client is asking that how I will change it when later if he needed and 2ndly if I will provide a file to put credentials information then he has security concerns that it can be read by someone.


      Here I am asking your experts suggestions that how should i do it so that both concerns of my client that is:

      1. changing credentials (FTP address,username & password) later on without recompiling the code

      2. Security concerns

      can be fulfilled.


      Many Thanks