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    HardPartitioning OVM Server ?


      Hello everyone,

      I want to know the limitation when using the hardpartitionning with Oracle VM Sever?


      thanks in advance

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          you can use GOOGLE.

          From the documentation on the oracle web site.


          Oracle VM offers an advanced feature for hard partitioning, also known as CPU pinning. Hard partitioning means binding a virtual machine CPU to a physical CPU or core, and preventing it from running on other physical cores than the ones specified. This is done for Oracle CPU licensing purposes, since Oracle VM is licensed on a per-CPU basis.


          • Warning:

          Live-migration of CPU pinned virtual machines to another Oracle VM Server is not permitted under the terms of the license. Consequently, DRS and DPM policies should not be enabled for server pools containing CPU pinned guests.

          • Note:

          If your Oracle VM Servers support NUMA (non-uniform memory access), make sure that the systems are running correctly in NUMA mode. In a clustered setup, a CPU can access its local memory faster than non-local and shared memory. To make full use of the performance advantages of NUMA, be sure to pin the virtual VCPUs to the same physical CPU on an Oracle VM Server. For more information about NUMA, consult your server hardware documentation.


          Fore more Information, look at this URL.


          I hope this can help you

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            Thanks for your response.


            Yes, when using pining CPU, the Live-migration is not permitted.