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    DAC Execution Plan turns error on Task SDE_ORA_GL_AR_REV_LinkageInformation

      Dear All,

      Please kindly help me to solve this issue.
      I am trying to run an execution plans which same as "Financials_Oracle R1211" Execution Plan. Returns some errors, one of those error is on Informatica, the detail is :
      DAC Task : SDE_ORA_GL_AR_REV_LinkageInformation_Extract
      DAC Task Detail : SDE_ORA_GL_AR_REV_LinkageInformation_Extract_Full INSTANCE 1
      Status Description : Error while executing : INFORMATICA TASK:SDE_ORAR1211_Adaptor:SDE_ORA_GL_AR_REV_LinkageInformation_Extract_Full:1:(Source : FULL Target : FULL)

      From the status description, I can't see the reliable reason that cause this error.
      So I look into informatica logs folder : INFA_HOME/server/infa_shared/SessLogs and found this one log : .SDE_ORA_GL_AR_REV_LinkageInformation_Extract_Full.ORA_R1211
      In that log, I found SQL script that generated from Informatica :

      User specified SQL Query [SELECT bla bla bla
                                           NVL(XLA_EVENTS.UPG_BATCH_ID,0) UPG_BATCH_ID
                                            FROM XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS DLINK
                                           , GL_PERIODS   PER
                                          WHERE bla bla bla]
      READER_1_1_1> RR_4049 SQL Query issued to database : (Tue Jun 04 17:09:18 2013)
      READER_1_1_1> CMN_1761 Timestamp Event: [Tue Jun 04 17:09:18 2013]
      READER_1_1_1> RR_4035 SQL Error [
      ORA-00904: "XLA_EVENTS"."UPG_BATCH_ID": invalid identifier

      You can see that NVL(XLA_EVENTS.UPG_BATCH_ID,0) UPG_BATCH_ID is taken from table XLA_EVENTS, and XLA_EVENTS Table is not exist in FROM clause, that is the reason why the mapping failed. Then I try to look the mapping in Informatica Mapping Designer, and see the Source Qualifier, but the query there is fine, which XLA_EVENTS Table is exists in FROM clause.

      If anyone could help me to solve this, thank you.