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    DB Size is reduced (LOB segment size) after Migration from Win To Linux

    Arun Natarajan-OC

      Hi Friends,


      We have migrated Oracle Database (64 bit) from Windows (64 Bit) To Linux (64 Bit) using RMAN convert database at target.


      After Migration i could see the size of LOB Segment is very less in targe so as the DB Size.


      Is it baecuas the conversion extracts only the used segments from the source datafilles (or) am i losing some data?




        2    db_ready BOOLEAN;

        3  BEGIN

        4    db_ready :=

        5         DBMS_TDB.CHECK_DB('Linux IA (64-bit)',DBMS_TDB.SKIP_READONLY);

        6  END;

        7  /



      PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.



        2       external BOOLEAN;

        3  BEGIN

        4      /* value of external is ignored, but with SERVEROUTPUT set to ON

        5       * dbms_tdb.check_external displays report of external objects

        6       * on console */

        7      external := DBMS_TDB.CHECK_EXTERNAL;

        8  END;

        9  /



      PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.