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    Iconic Toolbar In Oracle forms 11g


      Hello Experts,                   I am using oracle forms 11g with weblogic server 10.3.5 at windows 7 platform.I am trying to make an iconic tool bar in oracle froms 11g.But there  is no any icon is shown in toolbar.I have taken the steps to do this are: 1-Create a Toolbar(menu form module). 2- Collect all icons(gif format) in a icons folder. 3- Create a jar file to icons folder for all icons using       cd icons       jar -cvf icons.jar *.gif 4- put icons.jar file into my oracle_home forms/java folder. 5- edit formsweb.cfg file to add my icons.jar file. 6 edit the registry.dat file       default.icons.iconpath=icons/       default.icons.iconextension=gif 7. set the windows registry to set UI_ICON path(path is of my icons folder). 8. Now attach my menu.mmx to my oracle forms. 9. run this form   when I run  my form then the menu is shown but there is no any icon is displayed. please suggest me what is going wrong here and give me proper steps to make an iconic toolbar in oracle forms 11g. thanks regards aaditya.

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          Likely this is simply the result of not matching the assembly of the jar file with your references.  In other words, you indicated in Registry.dat that the icons can be found in a sub-directory /icons.  My immediate guess is that if you remove this it will work.  However, you can best determine why it is failing by looking at the Java Console on the client and the OHS logs on the server (assuming you are accessing via OHS).  In the logs and console, if you look very carefully at the attempts to find your icons, not only will you see the HTTP 404  indicating they cannot be found, but you will also see exactly where the attempt was made to find it.  My guess is that it isn't where you expect.


          Also, there is no need to make any changes in the Windows Registry as these have nothing to do with runtime.  Those changes are for the Builder only and not used for a running form.

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            Thanx a lot,As per your suggestion my problem has been solved.