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    Oracle Shared Server


      Dear Experts,


      I was going through the Shared Server process in Oracle 11g guide and the below statement confuses me. can you provide your valuable comments on this



      "Some functions are not allowed when you are using an Oracle Shared Server connection.You cannot start up, shut down, or perform certain kinds of recovery of an Oracle server

      when you are connected via a shared server."(The guide did not have the reason for this)


      1)what will happen if there is a requirement to bounce the server?

      2)What kind of recovery is not possible ?




      Kamesh A

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          The thrust of those statements is that you should use a dedicated connection when you want to perform maintenance operations.


          You can't use RMAN to backup, restore, or recover a database unless you use a dedicated connection.

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            The use of shared server is to effectively share the server processes among for doing the work. The number of server processes allocated in comparison to the count of teh user processes is very less. In this case, if you would allocate a job which is going to block server processes for a long time, it won't be really good for the overall performance. That's the reason, time consuming operations like RMAN backup jobs etc are not allowed via a shared server connection but need a dedicated connection. The other attributes remain as what they are in a dedicated connection.



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              Lubiez Jean-Valentin



              More generally, following the Documentation, when you need Administrator Privileges (this is the case when you Startup/Shutdown an instance or perform a Recovery) you must use a Dedicated Server Process:

              Restricted Operations of the Shared Server


              Hope this help.

              Best regards,

              Jean-Valentin Lubiez