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    Deployment Rule set not recognised?




      I have created a ruleset.xml , created a DeploymentRuleSet.jar and have the jar-file signed.  When I save it in [appdir]\Sun\Java\Deployment and I do the check in the Control Panel, the.jar-file is not 'recognised'.  In the tab 'Security', the option 'View the active Deployment Rule Set' is not visible.  Does anyone have an idea how to debug?  What could be the issue?


      Thanks for the feedback.


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          try first to open the xml in firefox, to check if the xml is correctly formated

          then recheck the xml rules for any error or misspelling

          how did you created the .jar file? the "correct"  command line is "jar cvf DeploymentRuleSet.jar ruleset.xml"

          the certificate is valid? test the jar file signature with "jarsigner -verify DeploymentRuleSet.jar"

          Finally, confirm that you really created the %windir%/sun/java/deployment/ . Test by doing a "dir %windir%/sun/java/deployment/DeploymentRuleSet.jar"


          if still fails, try reducing your ruleset.xml to the basic and in despair, try using sysinternals "procmon" to check if java is failling to readh the file and why