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    How to configure oracle AQ for distributed environment?


      Hi All,



      I have a scenerio In which I have say 4 AQ in which I will post the message.

      Also i have say 2 database.

      I am planning to create an MDB which will poll on these AQ's,  so whenever I post message the MDB will read it and perform a specific action.

      I believe I can create only one MDB per queue, if it is so then I have to create 8 MDB. As there 2 datasource and 4 MDB.


      Is there any other way to handel this I mean without creating 8 MDB as the Data sources can increase to 10 to 20 so the number of MDB will be 20 to 40.

      I guess this will affect the application performance.


      Can I make some changes in application so that only few MDB's are required?


      Any idea is welcome!!