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    Sample Data Thread




      I wanted to post an update on the thread regarding Unifier Sample Data but it has been locked.


      We got notice a few weeks ago that sample data was available, we downloaded a copy of this and upon following the instructions I found so many problems that we requested that it be removed from the Primavera Px portal which was done within a matter of hours.

      FYI the import would fail with wrong tablespace names and wrong oracle user accounts. When i corrected for those problems the import would kill any P6 data in the same database and then reset the oracle 'sys' password to one different to what they tell you to use when installing Oracle DB.

      Icing on the cake was that most of the documented Unifier logins did not work rendering the database useless.


      We are still waiting for them to re-issue this sample data when it has undergone some quality assurance.


      I'll update this post for everyone when it has been re-released (and tested so I can let you know if there are any pitfalls to importing it)