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    Including dynamically generated jpg files in a report in PDF


      Hi all,


      hope I'm in the right forum.

      We have an issue with images we must include in a report, when the report output format is PDF.

      We are using these versions for Reports etc... :

      Report Builder

      ORACLE Server Release

      Oracle Procedure Builder

      Oracle ORACLE PL/SQL V10. - Production

      Oracle CORE    Production



      We need to include in a report a image (jpg or png) which is provided (and created dynamically) by NWA Quality Analyst.

      We use a BoilerPlate Field, and in the hyperlink property, we have something like  :

      http://myserver/XBAR_GRAPH.NWG?CachedFile=something,etc.><IMG SRC="http://myserver/XBAR_GRAPH.jpg?CachedFile=....


      Works fine when getting the report in HTML output format.

      But doesn't work when the report is in PDF output format. Seems to be a security constraint of PDF.


      Question 1 : Has anybody already faced a similar issue ? And solved it ?


      We tried to include a jpg file located anywhere on our server, it works fine, BUT in our case, the jpg file returned by NWA Quality Analyst is not stored anywhere (generated on the fly)

      Question 2 : is there a way, in PL-SQL (in beforereport trigger) to call the URL, get the file returned and save it somewhere ?  Or display it as a image ?


      Thanks for any idea and help effort.


      (French translation available on demand as my english is not so good ;-)