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    7u25 JNLP Classloader


      We have been experiencing the JavaWS class loader issue described in JDK-8017776

      (Bug ID: JDK-8017776 Swing Event Thread does not use JNLP class loader).


      With our configuration, clients connect to our product application server via JavaWS.

      There may be a mix of applications on the same client box - some requiring 7u21 and earlier, and others requiring 7u25 and later.


      If the client has Java 7u25 and earlier versions of Java installed, then it cannot launch our product compiled with Java 7u21 or earlier.

      If the client removes Java 7u25, then it successfully launches our product compiled with Java 7u21 or earlier.

      The point is that we cannot productize the 8017776 workaround.


      Will there be an official fix in an upcoming Java 7 release that will fix this?

      We cannot patch all our production streams to support Java 7u25 and later.

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          I'm getting this issue under Ubuntu with a JavaFX application running with JNLP, using Oracle JRE 7u40. Uninstalled OpenJDK completely. All I see is the Java 7 splash screen then it closes. Current workaround is to enable "Show console", which like the OP stated, we cannot go into production with. Under Windows 7 it is fine. Looks like maybe this issue wasn't completely fixed.


          Running the jar directly works fine on both Ubuntu and Windows.