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    Up2date stuck downloading header.info


      - I download oracle vm virtual box and import  Oracle_Developer_Day.ova

      - Open an ULN account and get a csid key

      - Import the GPG key

      - i was able to register my system and can see it on the ULN site

      - then when i run up2date, i can see the name of 2 package to install



      i choose them and then the progress Dialog box open and display

      http://uln-internal.oracle.com/yum/EnterpriseLinux/EL5/latst/i386/header.info with a solid full progress bar

      and stay there forever, i can see 2  files created in /var/spool/up2date with name of package and date appended to the name.


      I have



      my linux version 2.6.18-

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5 (Tikanga)


      I had to regenerate the key at some time, since i had the message this system profile had already been registered and i clear var/spool/up2date


      If I call the package with wget i have:

           Resolving uln-internal.oracle.com...

           Connecting to uln-internal.oracle.com||:80...


      and then it stuck there, like if server is not responding


      Anyone had a similar issue an can give me some help??