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    How do I insert a blank page if a section ends on an odd number?

    Lynn Gates

      I have a report that prints out information for all applicants. We print this report double-sided in order for managers to review the answered questions, one for each applicant  If the last page for a particular applicant is an even-numbered page, then everything is OK since the next applicant begins on an odd-numbered page. However, if the last page is an odd-numbered page, this causes the next region to begin on what would be the back side of the next applicant  which is not acceptable.We currently print each applicant one at time, which can be very time consuming.  And printing each one single sided can go through a large amount of paper.


      How do I create a BLANK PAGE or a comment like "This Page was intentionally left blank" at each applicant if it ends on an odd-numbered page?


      I am using BIP version