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    Control the transaction per second ( TPS ) to down stream system through Oracle SOA



        As part of our business flow,  BPEL calling down stream system via OSB.


      However the down stream system can accept only 5 request per second.


      1. Tried implementing DB poller to invoke down stream system each second with 5 records.


      The flow is as follows .

      DB --> Poller --> ParentBPEL --> Down Stream System


      In this case Poller can able to poll 5 records from DB and push it to "DownStreamSystem" via "ParentBPEL" process.

      But here the contraint is , the "DownStreamSystem" strickly can able to process only 5 requests per second.


      If the "DownStreamSystem" is processed 4 request and processing 1 request  at first second, then in the next second the fusion should push only 4 request . Since the number records in processing state should be 5 at a time.


      Please help me out to solve this scenario or suggest me if there is any other alternative to achieve the solution.


      Thanks in Advance ...