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    Barcode CODE 128 with large number (being rounded?) (BI / XML Publisher 5.6.3)


      After by applying Patch 9440398 as per Oracle's Doc ID 1072226.1, I have successfully created a CODE 128 barcode.


      But I am having an issue when creating a barcode whose value is a large number. Specifically, a number larger than around 16 or so digits.


      Here's my situation...


      In my RTF template I am encoding a barcode for the number 420917229102808239800004365998 as follows:




      I then run the report and a PDF is generated with the barcode. Everything looks great so far.


      But when I scan the barcode, this is the value I am reading (tried it with several different scanner types):






           Value I was expecting:     420917229102808239800004365998

           Value I actually got:         420917229102808300000000000000


      It seems as if the number is getting rounded at the 16th digit (or so, it varies depending of the value I use).


      I have tried several examples and all seem to do the same.  But anything with 15 digits or less seems to works perfectly.


      Any ideas?