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    two node Oracle RAC with two completely different Oracle databases on each node?


      We currently have two different applications that use Oracle databases.  Current configuration is two separate oracle homes dbhome_1, dbhome2 with separate LINUX mount points containing the Oracle homes and  *.dbf files all on a single host server.


      Previously the thought was to set up a second identical host server configured as a "data guard" for both of these databases.  Now, management wants to implement a two node RAC cluster with each node running the both databases.  With Standard Edition.


      I have only done RAC for high availability and scalability for a single database.  Is it possible to run two completely different Oracle databases on a two-node RAC cluster?  I am inclined to suggest that they split it up into

      two two-node RAC clusters on four smaller host servers.  Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated?