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    Question reading Clob value from ODI



      I have an ODI technical question to read Clob value from ODI.

      I need to read Clob value from a table and assign the value to a variable.

      I can do it by a variable step with something like following query in its Refreshing tab:


           Select TO_CHAR( Select filter_condition      // The filter_condition is Clob column
                                       From arm_settings
                                       Where user_id='GLOBAL')
           From fcm_settings
           Where user_id='GLOBAL'

      Now the problem is 4000 characters limitation.

      If the text size in filter_condition clob column is more than 4000 characters then I will have a problem.

      Do you know how to solve this problem from ODI?

      Thanks for your help in advance!





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          Hi in ODI through Interafce and Model it won't work,


          If u are getting a file then create external table and just put the Insert Scipt in ODI Procedure.


          if ur moving data from table to table then it will be same thing, create a procedure with Insert Script.

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            Thanks for your reply.

            In my case, I need to get text value from table (which is stored in CLOB column) and store the text value in to ODI variable like #filter.

            So basically, I need to know how to read clob column from table if the text value is more than 4000 characters.

            Later I need to use the #filter variable in ODI interface's filter.