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    How to extend Prebuilt SOA/BPM Suite VM domain to include IPM?


      I am using the Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite and BPM Suite 11g.  I want to extend the domain to include IPM because my BPM app needs to search and update document fields stored in the UCM repository.  When I use the Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard to extend the domain to include IPM, it fails.


      One thing I noticed is that it doesn't recognize the existing components that are already in the domain.  For example, Enterprise Manager is not checked and grayed out as it should be.  (Maybe this is related to the fact this prebuilt VM has a "collapsed domain".)


      When I check IPM, it automatically checks "Oracle Enterprise Manager" and  "Oracle JRF" in the list.  Clicking next, it then complains of existing components (Oracle JRF), but I select "Keep existing component".  Eventually I receive this error message:


        CFGFWK-64056: There is a problem with the template!


      So, how can I get IPM working on this VM?  Or, is there another VM (or more than one) that will allow me to run SOA and BPM Suite, along with UCM and IPM?  As I said, I am creating a BPM app that needs to communicate with IPM to search for and update field data for documents stored in the UCM respository.