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    Email UMS Adapter returning invalid attachments href code




      Trying to process emails with the UMS Adapter I'm having a problem.


      The href value that the attachments have are invalid. For instance:


        <part  name="body">
        <payload  xsi:type="xs:string"> testing </payload>
        <Attachment  href="1"/>
        <Attachment  href="2"/>
        <Attachment  href="3"/>


      It saw it was strange because on the samples I've found the href property is always a GUID or similar code.


      I've tried to get the contents for any of the attachments but I'n getting the following error:


      javax.xml.xpath.XPathExpressionException: Cannot load attachment with dbKey: 2
              at oracle.xml.xpath.JXPathExpression.evaluate(JXPathExpression.java:242)
              at com.collaxa.cube.xml.xpath.BPELXPathUtil.evaluate(BPELXPathUtil.java:247)


      Does anyone know the reason for this? and how to solve it?




      Daniel Alves