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    ODI - Unable to modify interface with New column added in DB


      Hi All,

          I am new to ODI development. I am facing issue in modifying the interface to include 1 column in source and target datastores. I am following below steps:-


      1. Source "src1_tab" and target "trg1_tab" table reverse engineered under Model-->Datastores.

      2. Created and execute interface to load target table. This is working fine

      3. Added a new column "col1" in source table "src1_tab" and "trg1_tab" in DB and reverse engineered in ODI datastore "src1_tab" and "trg1_tab".

      4. Now, how do I update the interface to include "col1" in source and target datastores. Unable to find any option to include this.

      5. To achive this, I had to delete the source and target table from interface and re-dragged with updated column.

      Is there any other way to synchronize this?