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creating proces(es) with runs when button ic clicked

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I wanted to create a copy button in a form but this button needs to work using an sql statement which will be like

select name, address1, address2, zipcode, car_type, model from Users WHERE report_id=:report_id

I will explain more into this with an example.

If on a report I have a list of users and when you click on one of the user, it will take you to a form. In this form you can exit and save it, where the save button is, they will be another button called copy, this button will use the sql above and will copy SOME information on the form based on the report_id(the current report being viewed/edit in the form.)

The copy button will redirect to a form page and will render the information it goes from that sql statement.

I want to use sql statement because in

action when button clicked

with these values it says that colons, commas show not be in those values for example address_1, car_type, and other datatype contents those and because of this, I do want to do it this way. I did try it but I kept getting a 404 error page thats why I want to try the sql way.

How will I be able to do it this way please?


the image ABOVE shows my COPY button. as you can see I item and values is the order_id

The image above shows the PROCESSES in which the sql query is run and condition it is the copy button.

The way i think this will work is that when you click on the copy button, the sql query will run and use the current order_id on the form to get all the information in the sql and show it on the form field.



I have a feeling this might work unfortunately because of my limited knowlegde with apex, what I have try doesn't work. Am I missing something?


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