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    Connection Pooling in OCCI Vs Multi-Threading.



      I am working on an application in which I am using OCCI( Oracle C++ Call Interface)  and multi-threading concepts.

      My application is having different clients( Ex: Client-A, Client-B) and I am offering a set of operations( functions that trigger the Stored Procedures of DataBase ) which are common to all the clients.Each Client can send asynchronous requests of any number.So, is there any chance of using single connection( not connection pooling) to the Data Base for all the clients to manage their requests ?

      Note: Multi-threaded requests are also allowed from each client.

      How can I co-relate multithreading and Connection Pooling in OCCI?

      Can I you multi-threading without Connection Pooling? If so how?

      Will the connection pooling is needed if there is no multi threading concept in my application?

      Please help me on this. Very urgent.

      Thanks in Advance..:)