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    Any Cloud Users Actually Getting BI Publisher to Work?

    Marc DiNick

      Seriously, is BIP working for anyone?  We have tried since August 2012 and have constantly faced nothing but internal errors and outages.  To date we have filed seven SRs to no avail--usually Oracle will solve the issue only for it to return a few days or even hours later.  We even gave up for a while hoping it might stabilize given time.  When Oracle recently announced they added the external data model functionality, we gave it a try again.  At first it appeared to work, but then I have since filed three more SRs for breakage.  In 13 months we have not been able to develop any serious reporting capability from Unifier.


      Now what we do miss is Crystal.  New to that product, we had our first non-trivial report up and running in a week--then that functionality broke around the time of the acquisition and Oracle was never able to reliably fix it.