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    Interesting angle on 'Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed' error


      Hi, I am getting the "Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed" message when running a .bat->VBScript script using Windows Task Scheduler. I am not seeing a solution in Google searches. Possibly I am not seeing the similarities because of a lack of detail in posts. Who knows.


      Info as follows:


      - Installed ODAC1120320_x64.zip using my personal user account.

      - Using my personal user account there is no problem. I use file explorer to run a .bat file that in turn calls the VBScript.

      - Using the System account and Windows Task Scheduler the script fails with the above error.

      - File ACLs for the Oracle home\..\bin directory give full control to the System account

      - ACLs for the ORAOLEDB.Oracle registry key gives access to the System account. I am assuming that all other key-value pairs involved in this problem have the same ACLs.

      - Hosted on Windows 2008 (VM)

      - The scripting language is VBScript, called from a .bat file. Task Scheduler calls the .bat file.

      - The scheduled task has the "Run with highest privilages" box checked (same problem with the box unchecked).

      - This configuration and script works well on an older Windows 2003 (dedicated) server

      - Connection string:

      "Provider=ORAOLEDB.Oracle;" &_

        "User ID=[DB Schema Name];Password=[password];" &_

        "Data Source=[TSN name];"

      - I can mess with aspects of the TSN name and file without a change in the error message


      Thanks for your help.