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    missing account in HFM app


      Hello All,

      We uploaded old meta-data accidentally while updating the one the HFM application. One of the account is missing which is affecting integrity of the report.


      Can someone help me understand how can account be restored


      Couple of questions

      1. In our case, one of the member got missing in the metadata, does it mean the member would be deleted in the database schema ? So if I put this missing account member I can restore the application with the missing data ?

      2. If the account member still exists in the schema, which table I should be looking for it ?



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          Thanos A.

          Hi there,


          As far as I know the member has been deleted from the database too but not any values which are linked to the member via a key. However, if you try to add the member again, I believe that you will not be able to retrieve you data since a new key will have been created.


          I am not 100% sure about this especially since you have not mentioned the version of you app, you can also create an SR to Oracle.


          If anyone else have more information please correct me.





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            Hello Thanos,

            Thank you for your reply. We are on version. I did recreate the similar scenario in the sample application after deleting the member. You are right, the member gets a new id when added again. I have opened the SR, lets see wait they have to say.


            thanks again.

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              If you had not deployed already you could use the copy application utility to bring back your previous version. In cases where the application was re-deployed, I have had to use a backup to restore the metadata. Any chance you guys have a backup?

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                Thank you for your reply. I think application admin has previous backup, I guess we should be good.


                Thanks for all the help.