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    ATG & Webcenter Sites integration?


      Is there going to be a convergence of ATG WebCommerce and WebCenter Sites down the road?

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          It seems that Oracle's focus has moved a bit from Oracle ATG only to Oracle Commerce. As such the forward looking information (of course accompanied with a good safe harbour statement) is now in general the combination of ATG and Endeca.

          Elements of further integration are much lickely to include:

          - structured and unstructured (web content) data integration from Sites to Endeca

          - Single Sign on between the backend elements of the solutions (administration purposes)

          - integration with Experience Manager for feeding cartridges from Sites

          This is in addition to the existing integration possibilities between WebCenter Sites and ATG currently

          Oracle WebCenter - 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) (search for ATG in the page)

          Hope this is helpful to you!