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    select property value from xml string where some condition


      Hi, I'm on and just started with XPath . got xml string like that: [code] "

                                                          " [code] expected output jdbc.schema password ---------------------- user1  user101 user2  user201 Tried: select x.schema_name, x.password from obpmdir.test t             , xmltable(                         'for $i in set/configuration/property                         return                         {                         $i/@name                         }                     '                     passing xmltype(t.fuego_strvalue)                     columns                     schema_name varchar2(1234) PATH 'value' ,                     password    varchar2(1234) PATH 'value'                     ) x; got error: ORA-19276: XPST0005 - XPath step specifies an invalid element/attribute name: (value) 19276. 00000 -  "XP0005 - XPath step specifies an invalid element/attribute name: (%s)" *Cause:    The XPath step specified invalid element or attribute name that did not match any nodes according to the input XML schema or structure. *Action:  Correct the element or attribute name as the name may be mis-spelled. Regards Greg