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Custom Reject email from workflow step.

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I have a single step criteria workflow,after the content is rejected from this step I want to send email to the doc author notifying that the content item has been rejected.


I tried adding following lines of code in the exit event of the workflow step but that does not seem to work and still it is loading the OOTB reject mail template as evident in the logs.


<$if wfAction like "APPROVE"$>



<$if wfAction like "REJECT"$>

<$wfSet("wfJumpName", "RejectJump")$>

<$wfSet("wfJumpTargetStep", wfCurrentStep(-1))$>

<$wfSet("wfJumpEntryNotifyOff", "1")$>





I have also have the custom component with my custom templates enabled in my Component manager.

but in the logs i see the following:


>resourceloader/7 07.31 06:06:37.036 IdcServer-15486 not loading page REDIRECT_TEMPLATE because it is up to date with timestamp 1324323808000
>resourceloader/7 07.31 06:06:37.036 IdcServer-15486 Checked resources files and 0 out of 110 have changed and it required 0 milliseconds to do the check
>mail/6 07.31 06:06:37.038 send email queue background mail thread starting
>mail/6 07.31 06:06:37.038 send email queue Background mail thread active -- 1 packages remain
>resourceloader/7 07.31 06:06:37.038 send email queue not loading page WF_REJECT_MAIL because it is up to date with timestamp 1355857834000
>resourceloader/7 07.31 06:06:37.038 send email queue Skipping resource file check because it is too soon since the last one



Can any one tell me where exactly am i going wrong here.

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