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    Reclaiming Orphaned Virtual Machines


      Here's the scenario:


      1) I lost my machine where OVM Manager was installed which was managing a couple OVM Servers.

      2) In haste, I went and re-installed OVM Manager losing the UUID for the first installation.

      3) Now, I couldn't add the OVM Servers to the new OVM Manager since they were previously owned. My VM on the server continues to work fine.

      4) To forcibly own the OVM Server, I stopped the ovs-agent service and deleted the database at /etc/ovs-agent/db

      5) Now, my OVM Manager does own the OVM Server, however the VMs appear as "ORPHAN". I can't really modify or restart them from the OVM Manager.


      How can I go about reclaiming(re-registering) my virtual machines. Looks like with deleting the database I also lost the meta data about the VMs. Anyway, I can rediscover/re-register?


      I understand that any ideas shared wont be officially supported since I am already down that path. Thank You.