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    Multiple Select List does not Refresh with Dynamic Action





      Using APEX 4.2.2, I have a Select List page item (P4_SPONSOR) set to allow multiple values which has a dynamic LOV to populate the list.  What I would like to do is highlight the display values based on another page item's value (P4_DRIVER_ID).  When I set the source of P4_SPONSOR to static text, such as a delimited string of 1:2:3:4, any display values where the return values are equal to the static text are highlighted when the page loads.



      The problem lies in trying to use a query as a source for P4_SPONSOR which is filtered based on the other page item, P4_DRIVER_ID.  For instance, my SQL Query (returning colon separated values) returns the same as the static text noted above.  In the query's WHERE clause, I specify that the driver's ID is equal to P4_DRIVER_ID:


      SELECT sponsor_id

      FROM sponsors_drivers_xref

      WHERE driver_id = :P4_DRIVER_ID;


      This, as I understand it, would necessitate a refresh of P4_SPONSOR whenever the value of P4_DRIVER_ID changes.  So, I have a Dynamic Action that does just that.  When executed on the page, I can see the P4_SPONSOR multiple select list actually refresh, but none of the display values become highlighted.






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