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    Errors verifying library (opening library: device not ready) (qlm connection)


      OSB Version:

      OS Version:          Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.8

      Device:               SL3000

      Vendor:               STK

      Firmware:              4.00

      ob> lsdev


      library             sl3000           in service


        drive 1           tape1            in service


        drive 2           tape2            in service


        drive 3           tape3            in service




      ob> pingdev -a -v


      Info: pinging library sl3000.


      Info: library    sl3000           accessible.


      Info: pinging drive tape1.


      Info:   drive  1 tape1            accessible.


      Info: pinging drive tape2.


      Info:   drive  2 tape2            accessible.


      Info: pinging drive tape3.


      Info:   drive  3 tape3            accessible.




      ob> vfylibs -a -v


      collecting dte info...


         library sl3000 ...


         opening library: device not ready


      verifying dte definitions against drive objects...


      Summary of verify errors:


         library open errors:        1


      Command     /usr/local/oracle/backup/.bin.linux86_64/obtool --gui -u 'admin' 'inventory' -L 'sl3000'


      Status     Error: unable to open qlm connection - operation timed out




      cat /usr/local/oracle/backup/admin/log/device/sl3000/obrobotd



      2013/09/26.17:29:45 obrobotd version  (linuxamd64) -- Wed Jun  5 17:00:12 PDT 2013


      Copyright (c) 1992, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates.  All rights reserved. on <hostname> pid 8740


      2013/09/26.17:29:45 on host <hostname>: /usr/local/oracle/backup/.etc.linux86_64/obrobotd sl3000


      2013/09/26.17:29:45 listening for requests on port 34160, interfaces:


      2013/09/26.17:29:45     eth0 (::ffff:***.***.***.***)


      2013/09/26.17:29:45     bondib0 (::ffff:***.***.***.***)


      2013/09/26.17:29:45 use_two_request_queues: 1


      2013/09/26.17:29:45 process_requests_max_cnt: 17


      2013/09/26.17:29:45 sl3000 reserved ok, cookie = 0xf0ad40c


      2013/09/26.17:29:52 lm setup failed - device not ready (SCSI library)


      2013/09/26.17:29:52 obrobotd exitting