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    Startup pfile on stanby database blocks connections from 3rd applications on production database


      HI people. I would like to share with you a strange situation for  me which it might make sense for you.


      I have a production cluster database no asm(proddb), which before was configured for oracle streams.And i have the same enviroment on the dr site With different db_name (drdb). The drdb was not working at all so i deleted all the datafales from aix and cotrol files as well. I created standby control file from proddb from sqlplus and i copied to the path on the dr site that it was supposed to be. Then i created a pfile from proddb i copied it to drdb server and then i edit it to make the changes needed. DB_UNIQUE_NAME parameter was not in the pfile( I am assuming the reason is because was never alterred to spfile on proddb and it was using the db_name as unique name as well).So i didnt add unique name parameter for the drdb and the db_name i left it the same as on production db.Then when i mounted the standby db with pfile modified production database was not aacepting connections from any 3rd party applications. I could connect on the prodb from sqlplus and do queries.alert log shows no errors. Then i shutdown drdb i insert db_unique_name =drdb and then started on mount again the drdb from that pfile and proddbworks perfect.

      Does this sounds reasonable for you?