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    string resource file not found in FDM

      Hi gurus

      Iam getting an Error <font color="red">#string resource file not found </font> when i open the FDM Workbench client.

      Please do the needful.

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          Were you able to solve this issue?

          We are having the same on EPM FDM.


          Please reply if possible.


          Thank you.

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            Hi All


            In order to resolve this problem, you should re-install the FDM Workbench component using the EPM System configurator on the FDM server.
            A note of caution:

            Due to unpublished bug 13596802, when re-installing the FDM Workbench it will cause the product option FDM to disappear from the EPM System Configurator.
            This does not affect the system in any way.

            If you want to avoid this situation, you should apply one of the following 2 workarounds:
            1. Re-install all FDM components installed on the server, even if you only need to re-install just one FDM component such as the FDM Workbench as in this instance.
            2. Make a copy of the following file: "EPM_ORACLE_HOME\common\config\\product\fdm\\default_fdm_1.xml" prior to the re-installation. Once the re-install is complete, restore the file back to the "EPM_ORACLE_HOME\common\config\\product\fdm\\" location.

            The above bug only affect the code line of FDM.
            Later release are not affected.

            Issue specific to Windows 2008 - 64-bit