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    Essbase outline Member property question


      Hi Team,

      Can you please help.

      In building accounts dimension using rule file, in the input file for the member "OFFDEPT" I have the property codes as N which is coming as Never Share in outline. And again in the input file I have input line for the member "OFFDEPT"  but it does not have any member property code. But in outline Shared member "OFFDEPT" is created under different parent in the same dimension. The input file does not have member property code for Shared member. Can you please advise how the member is getting created as Shared member in the outline without specifying member property code in the input file.



      Are there any settings which is set which makes this member "OFFDEPT" as shared member automatically since the dimension already has "OFFDEPT" as Never shared??


      Thanks for your time on this.