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    Question about param and solution for other question




        I don´t know where to find all hidden params and their explanation  for GoldenGate like this one  "_NOIGNOREORPHANLMN".


        I would like also to show a possible solution when you want to include the param TRANLOGOPTIONS ALTARCHIVELOGDEST but the log doesn´t reside on ASM. There is a hidden param: tranlogoptions _NOODIRECT <route to log>  to solve this.




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          Internal parameters usually denoted with an _ before the name.   They should only be used when support instructs you to use them.  


          _NOODIRECT prevents the O_DIRECT flag from being used in the open() system call on Linux when opening online and archived logs. The use of the O_DIRECT flag generally requires reading into a buffer aligned on a 512 byte boundary;


          It's primarily for Linux, but may also work on AIX.