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    Can I download an install Oracle 11G Express on Windows 7 (x64)?


      I have worked with Oracle 10G XE earlier but I am new to 11G and I am coming to it after a long break. I have explored 10G in some of my posts:


      Hodentek: Links to my Oracle 10G XE articles


      I downloaded and installed Oracle 11g Express (x32) on to my Windows 7 laptop. It did complain that KEY_XE.reg at a certain location was not found. I went ahead ignoring it and the program installed it.


      Now when I click Start I get this DOS screen:



      and nothing happens/


      When I click on Get Started I get the URL message as shown in the next paragraph in a window.

      Windows Cannot find '"%HTTPPORT%apex/f>p=4950'. Make sure yoy typed the name correctly. and then try again.


      My question is in the post. If x32 bit on a x64 bit machine is not a problem, I appreciate any help in breaking this wall.








      I appreciate an answer to my email: