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    Search terms containing repetitive terms throws ENEException at first and then returns result on second hit


      search terms like 'a a a a' or 'the the the the teacher' or say 'of of of water' it throws below error in dgraph logs and throws ENEException on JSPRef :-

      Node zero auto-translated to root node. Root node query In fulltext search: TextSearchQueryEngine[SearchWborcAllInterface]: query="of of of water". TextSearchQueryOpts (1 active options): mode [String] = matchall TextSearchQuery: (4 terms), raw form="of of of water". Term [ 0]: of Term [ 1]: of Term [ 2]: of Term [ 3]: water WARN 09/27/13 09:55:24.424 UTC (1380275724424) DGRAPH {dgraph} Aborting request: HTTP read timeout: client