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    log is not writing in specified location in a particular host


      My Application for my client has log4j enabled and the log files comes under /bd/domains/XXXX/logs/e_p.log.

      I have configured different environments say DEV, SIT, QA, UAT.... which runs on unix.

      I have configured 2 managed server from say SIT.

      I can see the log files coming under specified location for DEV,SIT etc.,But log file's size always shows 0 in one of the host in QA and both the host in UAT.


      Logs in those hosts comes unders /bd/domains/XXXX/servers/mngXXXX/logs/mngXXXX.

      MY guess is that it should be some settings in the host.

      Iam not able to find a solution.


      Any help is really appreciated.


      Let me know in case you need any addiional information.




      Senthil Kumar Sekar