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    endeca:includeSlot appearing in HTML source code

    Mandar Shastrakar

      Hi All,


      When using Endeca Experience manager, we are getting "endeca:includeSlot" in the HTML source code. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to remove that. Following is the one comes when we use Search Box from experience manager.



      <endeca:includeslot contentitem="{contents=[{@type=SearchBox, name=Search Box, autoSuggestEnabled=true, contentCollection=/content/Shared/Auto-Suggest Panels, minAutoSuggestInputLength=3, ruleLimit=1}], @type=ContentSlot, atg:currentSiteProductionURL=/store, ruleLimit=1, contentCollection=/content/Shared/G lobal Search Configuration/Search Box}">
        <form id="searchform" action="/store/browse">
        <input type="hidden" value="1" name="Dy">
        <input type="hidden" value="1" name="Nty">
        <input type="hidden" value="/store/cartridges/SearchBox/SearchBox.jsp" name="_DARGS">



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          Greg E.-Oracle

          Where did that block of code come from?   For instance, in the Discover Electronics reference application, you would have C:\Endeca\ToolsAndFrameworks\3.1.2\reference\discover-electronics\WEB-INF\views\desktop\ContentSlotHeader\ContentSlotHeader.jsp.  In that file, it invokes discover:include, which maps to C:\Endeca\ToolsAndFrameworks\3.1.2\reference\discover-electronics\WEB-INF\tags\discover\include.tag .


          Do you know the origin of the JSP file that is calling endeca:includeslot?