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    Refreshing Entire page vs Center Region

    Prasanth Kadubandi

      I have a web center portal application where i have a three column template. I have links (these are 'golinks' as of now) in the left region on click of which i am loading content in the center region. This content is coming from an ADF taskflow as part of shared library jar file. When i click on a left link, it is refreshing the entire region instead of just the center region, but the client wants only the center region to be refreshed. is there a way to achieve this using webcenter - adf taskflow approach or should i change the implementation to use an ADF pagetemplate/UIshell instead? Thanks for helping out.

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          Daniel Merchán



          With <af:goLink> you aren't going to achieve it, you need to use PPR (Partial Page Refresh).

          You have to transform you <af:goLink> to <af:commandLink partialSubmit="true"...> and add partialTriggers to your center layout to be refreshed once the commandLink is clicked (PPR).



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            Prasanth Kadubandi

            Thanks for the reply Daniel. I should have been more clear with my code. Here is my scenario with code snippets:


            In my template page (HIETemplate.jspx), code for left side link:


            <af:goLink text="My Home" id="pt_gl1"


            <af:commandLink text="My Home command link" id="pt_gl4"




            MyHome.jspx page has the center content launched from an ADF library jar as below:



            <af:pageTemplate viewId="/oracle/webcenter/portalapp/pagetemplates/HIETemplate.jspx"

                                     value="#{bindings.pageTemplateBinding}" id="pt1">

                      <f:facet name="content">

                        <af:region value="#{bindings.onboardingbtf1.regionModel}" id="r1"/>




            I am not sure how would i change the goLink to a commandLink and launch the jspx as corresponding to the above code and even then i am not sure it would refresh only the center region.

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              Daniel Merchán

              You're mixing Template and Page .


              Then just trysomething like this in your Template:


              <af:commandLink text="My Home command link" id="pt_cl4"



              <af:panelGroupLayout partialTriggers="pt_cl4">

                   <af:facetRef facetName="content"/>



              Note: Calculate partialTriggers path using Property Inspector to set this property.


              I hope this help you.