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    Rich Text content in XMLP Reports


      Hi All,


      I want to prepare a PDF report with Rich text data (Bold, italic, bullets etc) in it. When I googled on this I came across 2 options

      1. <?html2fo:element_name?> where element_name is our field name / xml node name.

      2. Incorporating the sub template HTML_SUB provided by peoplesoft in the master RTF Template and using the tag <xsl:apply-templates select="fieldname"/> in the form field properties.


      I tried the first one by proving html2fo: along with the field name and I was getting errors.


      I decided to try the 2nd option, and I was receiving an error that the mentioned sub template was not present in the content library. When I was checking in internet on this, I was finding details about HTML_SUB sub-template only in PeopleTools 8.52 or above peoplebooks. Can you please confirm if we can use this in Tools version 8.51 ? If so, please let me know the steps to follow.


      If not, can you please help me with this requirement.