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    Max value for Range List


      Dear All


      Is there a max value for Range List data type property? I'm using version


      I'm trying big numbers like  51123655900 to 51123656120 as my range values.


      It looks like the max value that i can enter in the Range List is 2147483647 (this is what gets automatically populated when i paste my big numbers).


      Can any one suggest an alternate method to map a single code to a random range list like above? The ranges vary a lot.


      Many Thanks


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          Yes you are correct about the max limit of the Range list. What i would suggest regarding your requirement is that take the first two digits of the number into a hierarchy level defined property Eg - 51 and then use the other digits in the range list which should be easy to workaround with. Let me know if this helps or your requirement in detail.




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            Hi Denzz


            Many thanks for your reply. I really appreciate your input on this and indeed on every query i had so far.


            My requirement may change slightly and i'm waiting on it before i think about this again.