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    how can I externalize the URL of a REST web service I'm consuming?


      we have an apex app (4.0 apex) that's consuming a web service we've written. we've defined a web service reference in shared components and it all works fine.  so here's what we want to do...


      when our app is on a development apex instance, we'd like it to be consuming a development version of the service.  when on prod, a prod version of the service...


      we'd like to not have to change the application when we put it into production to point to the prod service. we want to (as with our other apex apps) simply export from the dev APEX and import into the PROD without having a manual (error prone) step in there to fiddle with a URL.


      is there a way to externalize the URL outside of the app and somehow be able to point the web service ref at the externalized definition? e.g. put the web service URL in a row in a table or a server xml file or something and tell the apex app to select from the table (or grab the XML file) to find the URL.  then the app's always the same and we only need put the correct url on the correct system once.